No one donates $1.5 million to an organization when they are beyond kneeling. My guess is that he, like Killer Mike, felt like having a seat at the table would assist more than just donating to a like-minded cause. I have seen this playout too many times to count, including Malcolm X meeting with the KKK. It is easier to tell folks to wave a middle finger at opposition, but very little gets resolved that way. At some point, you HAVE to talk to people to meet in the middle.

I used to be horrified by my grandfather insisting that I watch FOX News. He would tell me often that you must know what your enemy is thinking. I rolled my eyes and thought this was just his logic as a veteran, but he's not really wrong. If you only talk to people who think like you, you will too often think that everyone thinks like you. I have zero patience with talking with Trump supporters, but there is this middle ground (the Independents) who I can listen to. And if we're waving a finger at Jay Z, we'd have to wave a middle finger at Colin Kaepernick if he ever re-signed with another team. At no point did he say he did not want to be involved with the NFL, just wanted equality and for police brutality to stop.

You can be opposed to something and still work with the organization. Their apology was years too late and lame as hell, but again, to wag a finger at Jay Z would mean we'd have to wag a finger at Kaepernick if he ever got re-signed. And I'm still unsettled by him talking about politics while admitting he doesn't vote. I bought his jersey for the former and donated it for the latter.

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