Neighborhood "girlfriends" or neighborhood girls who are friends? 'Cause if he's got neighborhood "girlfriends," he just may be more interested in hanging out with THEM. I'm not saying he's trying to play doctor or anything, but I had a couple of guy friends like that as kids. (They had brothers though.) They would rather just sit on the front porch with me and hang than be out playing sports, etc. They turned out to be pretty good guys--always had a girlfriend or some girl they were chasing after--but reasonably good guys.

He could also be a tech guy. My brother could play Atari and Nintendo all day but thought sports sucked. I wasn't even mildly surprised that he grew up to be a 20-year husband (childhood sweetheart) who is still not into sports but can play video games for hours on end. No learning disability. He just wasn't into team sports or outdoor activities. He'd rather be driving somebody's car (or his own) or just hanging.

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