My outlook may be a bit simpler than that. I don’t particularly like most crime movies or street fiction. Why? I was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. I don’t need to read a book or watch a movie to see that happening. I can walk right out my door and drive right to real-life examples of that same b.s. happening. I don’t understand the need to glorify something that affects real people and has little to no entertainment value.

So when I see something that is actually entertaining and positive and doesn’t have us looking violent, loud and/or unnecessarily mean, I’m on board. I’ll give pretty much anything a shot. I think “Family Reunion” on Netflix is painfully corny, but I’m watching every damn episode of it just because I’m happy to see that it actually got made. And so on and so on.

But to insinuate that a show only got awards because Anthony Anderson has been the host since “Blackish” came out (2014) is lowest of the low. How little faith do we have in our own folks to just assume that the show couldn’t possibly be good — without ever watching it — and the awards must be pretty much bribery? I was so disgusted by that assumption. The user who tweeted it blocked me. Surprise surprise. (In all fairness, I blocked her, too, after I found out.) But still, the bigger point needs to be made that if you won’t even attempt to give a show a shot, you don’t need to criticize it and then accuse it of bribery/nepotism to top it all off.

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