1. My opinion remains the same. I’m judging from personal experience in a diverse neighborhood on a day-to-day basis, not from the comfort of a TV screen looking at athletes I don’t know. Segregated as the third largest city in America is, I didn’t bullshit my way to this opinion.
  2. The only person who can tell me what I need to do birthed me.
  3. I never said light-skinned women didn’t have privileges over dark-skinned women. Your imagination lead you to believe I did. I’ve written about colorism at length.
  4. I’m not about to debate with you about white men you don’t seem to know either, only the ones I do know. I, personally, have experienced it, as well as off and on through the years.
  5. You “once read a survey” and I “once lived a life” outside of a few scientific studies that read into a bias that desperately wants to be held onto.
  6. I don’t have to wonder about Sally Hemmings when American black folks bloodline shows examples of the rape of dark-skinned women throughout history. They didn’t all look like Sally.
  7. I’m well aware of the house slave versus field slave belief. You read one post and made the asinine assumption that I did not. I’d strongly advise you not to do so going forward with me or any other.

Your reality sounds like you’re looking for it. I’m telling you what I see outside of the eyes of celebrity browsing and studies that back up beliefs that can become self-fulfilling (self-hating) prophecies. If you felt the need to repeatedly tell me how you weren’t trying to lambast me and how I need to pay a “bit more attention” to your personal beliefs, you probably knew you were being as condescending as your message. I stand in what I said. And you are welcome to stand in yours.

The fact that you were irritated this badly by “Black Panther” of all movies speaks volumes. (I clicked on your profile to do what you should have — understood who I was talking to before I left this comment.) You can drown in unhappiness all you want. It sounds like you like it there, but I simply won’t meet you. Unhappy people love to recruit others.

Take care. Attempt to have at least one good day in 2020.

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