My initial thought while reading your message was, “Why would you go in the dumpster to fish out someone else’s dolly and why do you even know it was there?” But hell, I got annoyed when one of the tenants in my condo dumped a bunch of trash in the recycling bin. I turned both bins upside down (too heavy to pick up) and sorted out the recyclables from the trash. It took me about 20 minutes to get through all of it. I’m still baffled that no one bothered to ask me, “Why is that lady from ___ going in the trash?” They just acted like my dumpster diving was totally normal. I’m guessing the signs I put all over the building afterward about the difference between compost containers, recycling bins and trash cans answered their question though.

As far as the train commute, I cannot take credit for that. Her email was the entire inspiration for the post. She sent me this email telling me she lives “way too far” away from me and she wants the 10-plus products that I’d featured. She talked about how her daughter goes to school about 15 minutes from my neighborhood and can I get on the train to meet her. It was about a paragraph long. I responded to that email with one word: “No.” Her reply back, “OK, tx.” My post clearly says:

“PLEASE do not contact me unless you seriously want one (or more) of these products and are willing to travel to the area. I always block no-shows.”

So I was confused about why she sent me this paragraph-long email in the first place. And it’s always people who want a whole collection of stuff for you to hold — with special directions.

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