My initial comment was going to be, “Why in the world are you just walking around naked?” I get it when you’re getting dressed but not just spending the whole day naked. (I remember Queen Latifah said her friends gave her a nickname for always walking around naked. It was Naked Lady, or something like that.) I’m not a total prude. I can easily be found by a select few loved ones strolling around in undergarments, but just flat-out nude, yeah, nah, not likely. Anyway, I was getting ready to ask how long are you just strolling around naked primarily because I remember a girl in college who came out getting ready for a party — butt naked with a tampon hanging. And it grossed me out when she just flopped down on her couch like that.

Now fast forward to the part where your mom wouldn’t show you how to insert a tampon. I just … wow! Your mom should be your first point of reference. I learned from reading the instructions and didn’t want to get my mother involved. But I knew she would’ve helped if I asked her because she certainly told me all about pads. Yeah, that can certainly do something to one’s self-esteem. I would feel so uncomfortable by someone making me uncomfortable about something I simply cannot control. Your body is your body, naked or not. And as much as I’d like to deny it, menstruation isn’t going anywhere either. May as well just have an “It is what it is” attitude.

Anyway, my opinion evolved on nudity as I read this. Now I see why it’s so important to you.

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