Minus the last paragraph, I could pretty much highlight the whole post. (A couple lines don’t describe me, but the rest do!) It’s interesting because I had a wilder story. I was on a dating site for a few months, and ANY white guy who was interested in me was asked the same question: Did you vote for Trump? I was persistent about making sure the answer was no. I went out with a few — dated one for a couple months, who didn’t vote at all which annoyed me slightly less — but one guy was pretty cool. We went to some Ethiopian restaurant he suggested, which gave him cool points ’cause I’d never eaten authentic Ethiopian food. I was so adamant about making sure I didn’t date a Trump supporter, and this fool said in casual conversation “my wife.” Skiiiiiiiiiiiiirp. Say what now?!

Turned out he was separated (although his profile said single) with two kids (also not mentioned on his profile). We were a good two hours into the date, and I enjoyed that meal. But when he contacted me the next day, I told him we definitely would not be exchanging phone numbers nor going out again. I swear, when you’re a “woke” dater, sometimes you forget to ask the obvious questions. And when you’re an “obvious question” dater (who checks ring fingers, etc.), you forget to ask the woke questions. Can’t win for losing.

I’ve yet to meet a brotha who voted for Trump. It’s an interesting (and exhausting) extra step to add to the mix of dating. I feel like if I asked a brotha if he voted for Trump, he’d get up and leave the bill with me. And I would respect that he thought that was a stupid question. Ha!

Dating life is something else.

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