Mia, thanks for commenting. That last line is exactly it. When I read comments like “you don’t have a lot of friends,” my first thought is, “And you do?” I’m not talking about people you can hang out with at a club. I mean real friends. I don’t think (and I could be totally wrong) most people have a lot of legitimate, help-you-pack, trust-as-the-babysitter, water-your-plants-when-you’re-gone, (hopefully never) one-phone-call friends. So I already guard those kind of people carefully and make sure to treat them with the utmost respect.

While I will admit that two of the four people I wrote about were no sweat off my back, “Birds of a Feather” was the only one that I wrote and rewrote and rewrote a third time before publishing. I was pretty stunned by the kind of comments I read on her timeline, but I still have quite a bit of respect for her — regardless of her political views. I had absolutely nothing negative to say about her the entire time I knew her (about a year) up until that Kavanaugh debate that went all the way south.

“Priorities” was a pretty positive person, too, but we really had it out regarding his Clinton vs. Trump views. I never expected to stay in touch with him after he found a new job, but I still kinda wish I hadn’t made the off-handed joke. Like “Birds of a Feather,” I would’ve preferred ignorance be bliss.

I had a few other examples, but those folks weren’t even worth writing about. Those four were though because even though I wiped my hands, every last one of them had my back in some other way before we clashed on politics. If it was any other president (in my lifetime), I could agree to disagree. But my views on 45 and former President Barack H. Obama are bigger than politics.

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