Let’s start from your first comment to the end:

  • Having sex does not make you any less intelligent.
  • Having sex with your husband or significant other does not “take us back,” especially considering women weren’t even given the right to admit that liked any kind of sex without getting a Scarlet Letter.
  • Having sex does not take anyone in the “wrong” direction.
  • I did speak on the younger generation and cringing through the “ho phase.” I also spoke about how I blasted 2 Live Crew and other artists during high school and was not sexually active.
  • This song is anything but submissive, and considering college tuition was shouted out even during a song about sex, Megan is still on message.
  • At no point did either of them say they wanted to get naked to prove a point, but yes, having sex does involve getting naked.
  • Both artists already have the money and the attention before the song came out.
  • Men are judged on their sexuality, too, all the time. Take a casual glance at any reasonably attractive man, and you’ll hear comments about his sexual prowess.

The implications are wrong to you. The avenues I didn’t explore just aren’t the ones you agree with. And to be quite honest, I just don’t give a shit. If they want to have sex, let them have sex. If they want to talk about how much they love sex, let them do it. It does not change my day nor pay my bills. If you’re embarrassed by women who are empowered to admit/praise having good sex, again, that’s a personal problem that I neither am interested in hearing more about from you nor is it my business.

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