Less than a week before I was supposed to dog sit, the dog (a Pit/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix) attacked a skunk. Damn dog was ripe as hell and followed me around every single place I went for eight days. She even slept underneath my bed. At some point, I didn't smell skunk anymore, which made me wonder about my own hygiene. I think about that dog every single time my Hound loses her shit whenever a squirrel goes by. I have had to pull her away from climbing so many trees I lost count. I've seen multiple skunks in our condo front yard and around the neighborhood. I just know if she reacts like this to squirrels and tries to chase them, I better scoop her early the millisecond she sees a skunk!

P.S. If it makes you feel better, my parents spent thousands getting their attic re-done because a squirrel went up there and had babies. Those babies then chewed out the eyes of all of my dolls and tore up a bunch of toys. Meanwhile their German Shepherd refused to go upstairs because she tripped on a step one time. Even when my mother wanted to get something from the attic, their German Shepherd stayed downstairs and just looked at her. I know the squirrels had to be thinking, "Seriously? You sure you got a dog?"

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