Kinda sorta. I have lost count of the number of times an Amazon delivery person has rang my bell and pretty much took off running before I could get to the door. Hell, even as a dog walker, I’m grabbing the leash and away from the owner in 0.5 seconds. The gig economy isn’t just hanging out with these people. I have had more conversations via text and inbox messaging than I have ever had in a year as a dog walker with the owners — it’s about 90/10. Uber, Lyft and Via drivers excluded, everybody else is pretty much just handing over bags (Instacart, GrubHub, Whole Foods/Amazon, etc.) and going about their day. With that said, I did see the news about the Amazon employee who now has coronavirus. Any employee near this person was warned, so even in an online world that is largely dependent on gig workers, there is some crossover.

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