Katherine, I’ll reply to this ridiculous response point-for-point:

  • First of all, no one assigned you to read this post. You voluntarily clicked on this and could’ve easily passed it by.
  • I didn’t “choose this one to comment on.” I wrote a whole post about it, and if you even lazily glanced at my profile, you’ll see at least 30 posts this month, plenty of which include politics, COVID-19, unemployment, crashing businesses and other areas I enjoy writing about. But just so we’re super clear: I was born a black woman and will ALWAYS have time to comment on any issue related to the African-American community. I have been a journalist for 15 years and have time for that, too. Put the two together, and yeah, I HAVE TIME! Judging from your photograph and the subjects you write about (like psychics), you don’t. That’s not my problem. It’s yours.
  • I never said I was a “pain spin journalist,” but it’s cool that your imagination got you there. I’m guessing all the other voices in your head are fun to listen to as well.
  • No one “paid” me to write this “garbage” piece, but yes, it is behind the Medium paywall. Should I be writing thinkpieces like “10 Ways to Find True Love (Ai Schools Humans)” like you? Or, maybe a couple of pieces on psychic readings? Whoa, I know you had to dig deep to investigate for that one, huh? Sheesh, did you need bottled water afterward?
  • Learn how to spell Denzel’s name. SpellCheck works and so does Google search. The man has been in the business since 1977.
  • He never used race one time, but there is a connotation regarding “one of those people.” My guess is you use terms like “playing the race card” really often, huh?
  • Charitable donations, in which Couric admitted to, are tax deductible. If he believes in a cause, he can donate wherever he sees fit. I donate to causes all of the time. That doesn’t mean that I agree with everyone behind the cause. And if after all that — 16 years ago — she’s still complaining about this, apparently that wasn’t enough. Interesting how that victimhood carries out.

Now that you got the attention you desperately needed, you can go back to talking about “Top 10 Sports Watches for Men for 2020.” I’m sure the world is just waiting to hear all about this important and enlightening piece. Ironically, it sounds like something a “paid spin journalist” would write. Take care. Let’s talk never.

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