Jeff, before I answer this question, why should I if you’re “beyond caring.” If you don’t care and do not plan to vote at all, we need not speak further on politics. If you do not care, then your comment was a waste of time to type and you do not know how “beyond caring” works. People who do not care do not dedicate this amount of energy to the topic.

In the event you do care, do you really want to know the answer or do you really just want it long enough to send me another campaign pitch for Bernie? Because if it is the latter, along with a painfully overused MLK example from several decades ago, then please do not waste my time.

And before I answer, have you ever at any point and time tried to look up issues that Biden supports that affect the African-American community, besides this one article? Or are you asking people like me to do the research for you? Because you seem perfectly capable of doing your own research to answer your own questions.

P.S. My reason for voting for Sanders in 2016 was also due to me preferring him over Clinton and his several-DECADES-old march with MLK. But him voting to invest in more prisons severely clashes with his 1960s views. He can only hold onto that MLK march but for so long.

If you really want my answers, I will provide it. But I am not dedicating my entire weekend to a hardcore-only-vote-for-Bernie fanatic. And I cannot tell which one you are…yet. If it is Bernie or Bust for you, we need not communicate further. If Biden is someone you will consider, I will engage.

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