Jay! Happy to hear from you. (You will always be one of my favorite Toastmasters for getting my name right within minutes.)

You also bring up another excellent point that would make this post too long so I won’t add it: age.

When I look at music award shows now, I realize I would definitely be classified as “old” to Generation Y. I have no idea who 75 percent of the people are who are getting these awards and cannot stand the music. If not for some WERQ dance routines that I did at the gym and now at home, I would be even more out of touch. But the one thing I refuse to do is just dismiss an artist as “irrelevant” or start comparing who had more hits just because they’re not from my Gen X/Millennial era.

Same thing happens with my mother. If I bring up Beyonce or Rihanna or a few other artists, she just shrugs. She knows who they are, but they simply don’t do it for a woman who came up as a superfan of the Jackson 5 and can outsing me (offkey) when it comes to any Temptations/Earth Wind & Fire/Smokey Robinson/Commodores song. She is the person who I happily invited to an Al Green concert and who will do Marvin Gaye karaoke songs with me. That is of her genre.

But she doesn’t dismiss artists who don’t fit into the box she grew up with. Her view is more of a “to each her own” or “not my scene.” And I think that is a perfect balance when it comes to artists that just aren’t in your particular demographic. The insults and just inviting oneself into a conversation about artists someone barely knows is what annoys me. It comes off like you’re “music-splaining” to me or “art-splaining” when it would just make more sense to do what I do when I’m clueless at award shows — either enjoy the “newness” of it or sheddup.

Thanks for reading. :-)

P.S. Although I have ignored all those Medium pep talks about writing often, my four publications are topics I love to write about. So I try to make a point of adding at least one post for each publication per week since I created that newsletter. Pre-newsletter, I wrote pretty randomly here. But now things will just set me off. I’ll sit with them for a couple of days, and if it’s still on my mind, I’ll write it down and submit/publish it. It definitely got me more followers, but I still have major issues with people writing for clicks. If I’m not feeling it, I’m not writing it.

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