Ja Bra, please give 100% credit to the group. I was boiling mad by the end of that meeting because I thought that comment was so uncalled for. While I wish I could’ve looked on the bright side, I told him exactly how I felt about his comment after he emailed me personally to say he didn’t understand why anyone would take offense to his comments. I had every intention of not saying a word, but you can’t email me and then expect me to be quiet. I can only be quiet but for so long. And just as I suspected, none of those visitors came to the next meeting. There were at least five or six.

He showed up again like clockwork though. However, he was much quieter and stopped bursting out with unsolicited advice, so maybe our last conversation means he’ll knock it off. I do not mind people sharing their opinions. I share mine all the time, but it’s the “shock value” comments for no reason that bugs me. I’m still perplexed at someone going from “gender reveal party” to “maybe they’ll abort.” WTF?!

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