I’ve only read two of her stories, but she’s talking about the same friend: Nina.

One-night stands in a bathroom stall are not uncommon. My college days had plenty of them. Why would she not unzip her dress if she wanted to fully expose the back area? I have a gray dress that zips from my neck to my thighs. I get your point about hiking it up, but that’s like saying, “Why would he yank her bra over her head instead of unclasping it?”

And quickies don’t really take that long — hence the reason they’re called quickies. If I’m partying at a club, I’m not timing my friend in the bathroom. Quite frankly, I’ve gone out with groups and never recall timing anyone who went to the bathroom, the bar, the other side of the room, yadda yadda yadda. It’s not like they were at a restaurant just staring at each other. My guess is they were all doing their own thing.

As far as having trouble standing — after drinking — that is indeed irresponsible. But unless you’ve never had a drink in your life, you can relate to this one, and I’m saying that as someone who can handle her liquor.

This just sounds like you don’t want to believe her as opposed to actually finding inconsistencies. As for you thinking a man wrote this, I just cannot see any man defending Nina this much.

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