It just rubbed me wrong that he was so dismissive about the idea. If you’ve seen the movie “Harriet,” you’ll recall the scene with the slaveowner and the slavecatcher who just could not believe that a woman — a black woman at that — could possibly be responsible for freeing slaves? How could she possibly do that? It had to be a man named Moses for this to even be possible. That was a similar vibe to this editor.

Conveniently changing sources and going against the sources he specifically provided for fact-checking was what really made me go, “OK, this isn’t just one of those debates that editors have over spelling, grammar, context, etc. This is personal.” I stood my ground and lost that job, and I’d do it all over again the exact same way years later. Of course I didn’t have to. I already mentioned I was re-hired a second time. After I wrote this post, I realized that when I was done with my second assignment, I was requested a third time, too.

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