It always boggles my mind to find out when long-time vegetarians or vegans go back to eating meat. I don’t quite understand how. I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years, and the smell of meat grosses me out — minus bacon. I can’t stand ham. I couldn’t care less about chicken. I was never losing my mind over beef and thought lobster was overrated. I don’t even like the look of bacon, but boy, do I love the smell of it. It’s pleasant, like the smell of coffee or mowed grass.

But there are two things that always make me ride the fence on being a vegetarian. I love California maki rolls and occasionally demolish a Filet o’ Fish. But I simply cannot eat restaurant seafood. I tried it once after my doctor told me that my B12 levels were entirely too low and I needed Omega 3. Fish oil pills are terrible and just make you belch all day long. I went to a restaurant and tried fish after years of not eating it. I didn’t make it through three bites before I ran to the bathroom.

I threw up three times and even threw up while driving, with my head hanging out the window. I don’t think I could go back to eating meat if I tried. Although I have no interest in returning to being an omnivore, I genuinely want to know how did you do it? Your body didn’t reject it in anyway? It’s a wrap for me — minus those Maki rolls and terribly fatty Filet o’ Fish.

P.S. I love Impossible burgers. I can’t count the number of terribly processed food with meat in it. Life is short. I eat the salty Impossible Whoppers occasionally anyway.

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