Interestingly as a black woman I've done this many times. I have ABSOLUTELY walked by a scene without so much as a glance and also been profiled a few times. But what stresses black women like me out is knowing I can walk by with police officers more likely to say "hi" to me and go back to what they're doing, all while arresting a black man. I have been in situations where I paced back and forth, not being able to decide whether I should just leave because this is not my business and I don't know what he did or stay there long enough to make sure he's still alive by the end of this incident. I usually find a reason to dawdle around, "forgetting" something in my car, having to "find" something in my purse or just something random. Sometimes I do walk away, and it stresses me out for the rest of the day hoping I don't see that man on the news. So far, it hasn't happened.