Interesting read. The political differences and him wanting kids while you don’t would make me wave goodbye for good. But it sounds like if two years went by and you two still enjoy each other, that has not gotten in your way. This post made me think of how much I used to hang out with my grandfather. We went to dinner all the time. One soul food place had a waiter who was terrible. She kept calling me “baby” and told me “you are ordering two carbs” when I got my sides. I thought she was a world-class asshole for no reason, but my grandfather kept laughing. I did not understand the joke. He told me once we left that she thought we were dating. Eeeeeeew. I had kinda gotten used to immediately telling people I was not my father’s girlfriend (which never happened until my early 30s) nor my brother’s girlfriend/wife (which happened at Great America and both of us went into convulsions). With my brother only being seven years older than me, I could see that. I dated his friends before, and we do not look alike. But you can clearly see the resemblance with my grandfather and father. Anyway, one thing I did notice is guys who thought I was dating these relatives were all matter of fact about it. But that waitress was so blatantly rude that she single-handedly made me be more open-minded and polite to other couples I saw of varying ages. When a co-worker of mine (32) started dating a man in his early 60s, I made a point of being as friendly as possible when I met him. Because I never ever want to act like that waiter.

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