Interesting read. The one thing I loved most about being a freelance writer and working on my own instead of an office was no more meetings. It is painful to sit in pointless meetings when I could be getting work done, and that is what I hate most about Corporate America. But I went into a deep dive looking for a new venue for my Toastmasters group, and I kept ending up at WeWork locations. It was therapeutic to see so many entrepreneurs and small groups brainstorming and/or working alone. No forced meetings. No bosses standing over them. Just getting stuff done. I ended up spending a day at one location and didn’t even want to leave. I used to make fun of people who were in Starbucks from sun up to sun down and treating the coffee shop like it’s an office. Then I went in there at noon and didn’t leave until 10:30 this past Saturday. And I realized that sometimes working from my own home office is overrated. As much as I’d like to believe I’m a loner, maybe I’m not.

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