In the few times I've gone out with or dated non-black men, I never experienced the outright hostility that I read about quite frequently. I don't think I have the personality to put up with it. I had a conversation with one guy, who admitted he would randomly get stares and comments when he dated black women.

I told him all that would do is make me reach over and kiss the person they're hawk-eyeing, so they really have some shit to talk about. Something in my personality says, "Peer pressure? Rebel." I've been like that since high school. I don't know why I never got sucked into it, but I've always kinda swayed to my own beat. Then again, 95% of the men I've dated have been black.

As far as black men who date interracially who wag a finger at black women who do, as you see in this post, this guy did. I wasn't falling for the okeydoke though. Don't magically think of slavery with one group but not the other. It all ties together. That's a weak sauce response. Just say you'd rather have that black woman be yours and you’re jealous, or you’d would prefer her to be single forever even though you don't want her and be done with it.

Did you get a pass on dating (marrying?) a Mexican guy since he’s a minority, too? Or, was it the same finger wagging? (I remember you writing about this briefly in a couple other posts, but never got around to asking.)

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