Update: Jan. 17

Imagine my surprise when I got to the door of a home whose dog owner said the dog was a Puggle. And then out from behind her comes a Greyhound in a knit coat. I mentioned that that dog doesn’t look like a Puggle. Her snippy response was, “It’s not. It’s a Greyhound.” She did not acknowledge that she put the wrong breed in the dog walking app. She just handed me the leash. My guess is she was having trouble getting people to want to walk this massive Greyhound that looked to be as long as I was tall (I’m just 5'3).

I was particularly impressed that the dog would never go through a door first. It was chivalry in its finest hour. (I found out the dog was trained to always let ladies go first.) And although the dog walked next to me just chilling, it wasn’t until we got to one patch of grass and this dog really wanted to go here that I realized just how strong this massive dog was. I’ve walked a 50-pound Labrador Retriever puppy who had less strength than this dog. And every time he wanted to stop, this was not up for debate.

Strange enough, he was oddly nervous around traffic and seemed completely uninterested in other people or dogs. It was such a quiet walk that I felt like I was in a library. I contacted the dog walking company immediately and told them to change the dog’s breed to a Greyhound so people weren’t put on the spot at the door. I’ve walked that dog a couple more times since then, and the lady is always kind. She tips in cash instead of the app, and I love that. But everything you wrote in this post, I can certainly believe.

P.S. I love that dog now. I walked him last weekend and he leaped up to lick my face. Nothing wakes you up quite like the weight of a Greyhound greeting you.

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