I’m with you on organization and calendars, etc., but I’m just not dressing for work when I’m at home. Period. I have saved an insane amount of money on laundry from wearing my wide assortment of yoga pants, jogging pants and exercise shirts. I just do not need to be dressed in full work mode to not go to a job in Corporate America. I’ve also worked in newsrooms long enough to see hosts put on a dress shirt only because the camera catches it. I had a boss who wore T-shirts and black faded jeans almost every single day. The two times I saw him put on a suit in the three years I was there were days when someone got laid off. Even in Corporate America, and multiple other jobs, casual attire (or at least business casual) has become the norm.

With that said though, I do recall groaning when I was asked to do some video speeches. I was wearing a hoodie and considered changing. But this was a “test” run that I was not getting paid for. And I still passed both tests, wearing hoodies after two hours of free run.

However, to go against my entire point, I’m also the granddaughter of a retired man who would wear slacks and button downs and top hats to sit in front of the television. There’s one older guy at my Toastmasters meetings who has given at least three lectures on “dressing for your speeches.” We all ignore him, but that didn’t stop him from doing it. Eventually he gave up and just dresses up by himself. But I’ve caught him coming to a few meetings dressed casually, too. I say you dress for whatever makes you comfort. My grandfather was comfortable in a top hat while watching “Family Feud.” I’m putting on my collection of Victoria’s Secret yoga pants and “Perfect is boring” T-shirts.

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