I’m torn with this one. As Kendrick Lamar has said, I’m an introverted extrovert. I had a Toastmasters meeting this weekend (which I realize proves I’m not as antisocial as I’m about to make myself seem) and the president wanted to know how everyone on the virtual conference call was doing. We’d canceled our last meeting so we hadn’t seen or heard from each other for a month. While some people talked about how rough it has been, my first thought was, “This just feels like Saturday to me.”

The worst part for me is definitely not losing out on people connections. I love the six-foot distance to keep people off my ass at checkout, who constantly stand too close or bump you with carts. The only part that has made me a little bummed out was not walking dogs anymore. I used to walk two to three dogs a day (465 total walks and 76 dogs in a year). But now I’d have to ask the owner to just let the dog run free to me and not touch anything. It wasn’t worth it, so I logged out of my accounts and just don’t bother trying to walk dogs.

I’m relieved that I don’t work in Corporate America. I despised meetings to begin with, specifically unimportant ones. But oddly, I love Toastmasters meetings, where the goal is to listen to someone talk. It’s different though. One is a pleasure. The other is torture for a paycheck. However, I would love nothing more than for folks to start writing me handwritten letters again. I have three boxes full of letters from elementary school to adulthood and all my cards. So maybe I do want to hear from people more, just in the written sense.

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