I’m still dumbfounded by a dog owner who didn’t advertise that his dog was still living in the apartment while he was renting it out on Airbnb. I got to the house to walk the dog, and a French guy was sitting there tapping away on his computer. He didn’t look like the guy who I saw in framed photos with the dog, but I’d never met the owner. So I said, “We finally meet! I love your dog.” He looked up and said he was not the owner. He was an Airbnb guest who got there and the dog met him at the door. I was shocked. He mumbled something about it “being fine” and how he “wished the owner would have told him there was a dog here,” but I guess if you can let a stranger into your home to walk your dog then you’d be comfortable letting a stranger live with your dog. I do think he could’ve done the man a solid and warned him — or given him a discount — for the dog being there. Personally I would have just hired a dog sitter instead, but economically if he could exchange dog sitting for housing, that probably makes more sense.

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