I’m pretty sure I’m about to piss you off with this comment, Ezinne, but here goes: I would MUCH rather have more Rachel Dolezals in the world than Kim Kardashians. Rachel Dolezal sounds like she could give me a run for my money if we had a Black History quiz right here and now. She didn’t just decide she wanted to be a black woman. She didn’t do the usual “let me copy the music and moves” stunt that is often done. She got herself elected as the president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP, and seems to be swimming in every black history and literature book she can find. Hell, she’s clearly embracing the hell out of black folks, copying and all.

Meanwhile the Kardashians of the world are getting magical booties, paying homage to “Bo Derek” for her cornrows, changing lip sizes, and basically copying the look without even an iota of the respect. Kanye went from making “New Slaves” to calling Trump a father figure, so Kim can’t even get credit for him. I’d much rather someone learn, study and teach the culture than someone Elvis Presley’ing it.

Rachel doesn’t get under my skin the way she does quite a few black women. I watched the documentary. I definitely sympathized with her kids, who clearly want her to knock it off. But the Kardashians make my skin crawl. Rachel doesn’t. I’d like to spend the day with her just to pick her brain. I don’t want to spend five minutes with anybody with the last name Jenner or Kardashian.

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