I’m overweight. Several members from both sides of my family are diabetic. In turn, I get tested for diabetes every year. At some point my doctor told me you just seem to be in the clear. Why? I’m also a vegetarian who works out a minimum of three to five days per week. I can think of several family members who have “healthy BMIs” who have pacemakers, need medication, have high blood pressure, etc. One does not equal the other every single time. There’s more to health than just size. There’s genetics. There’s work habits. There’s stress levels. And so on and so on. While I won’t deny the 87.5% who are overweight and diabetic, I’m also not going to deny the 12.5% who are not overweight and still diabetic. As far as I know, Lizzo isn’t diabetic.

Do I want to be Lizzo’s size? No. But if you tell me I had to look like Lizzo or look like the mannequin with a nose job that has turned into Jillian Michaels, give me the f**king flute and the blow-up booty balloon. I’ll proudly be Lizzo’s size before I ever want to look like a video on pause mode all day long.

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