I’m on deadline, but I wanted to answer this while the response is fresh. Considering the Black Panther movement was initially created just to assist black people (feeding breakfast to children, etc.) while protecting them from the bigots we’ve spoken at length about — your comment about black people being bigoted was met with an eye roll, considering even a verbal threat can land them under the jail while there are countless instances of black people being punched, whipped, chained, arrested and harassed and let off scot-free — I can see why you would compare the trio-black-woman-founded organization Black Lives Matter as the “new” version. But Black Lives Matter does not operate from one respective city, state or county. It’s nationwide. I think this helps, so that there isn’t one particular group to target and try to tear apart (as the FBI tried and failed to do with Dr. King).

Generally speaking (and I am but one person), I’m noticing a shift in opening people’s eyes instead of just my-word-against-yours. It’s impossible to ignore what is visually in front of you, from the FedEx story this week to the BBQ story or the UPS story or all the rest. Documentation seems to be key.

As far as the war with white people, meh, again, I’m not intrigued. I still say put that energy into your own group to make it better. I have zero interest in putting on a cape and saving the next hate group from themselves. They’re too busy outside waving flags from trucks, trying to get coronavirus, standing off with nurses and believing it’s “their right to freedom.” Lost cause. I don’t have that kind of time in my day. Anytime someone is suicidal enough to go out in groups knowing 4.9 million have been infected and 323K have died, that’s a brain that I wholeheartedly believe is not in use. I’ll air high-five the Stephen Colberts of the world all day long and could talk to them for hours. I simply DGAF how the Mitch McConnells and Meghan McCains of the world are doing. Ever.

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