I’m not sure how I feel about this post, but I respect your decision to want to be treated as an individual. Senator Kamala Harris was at the top of my list originally because of her work with former President Barack Obama and then reading her book. I also respected her work with Back on Track, the recidivism program. Challenging her for being a prosecutor doesn’t always sit right with me. That’s basically attacking someone — for doing her job. And everybody that ends up in jail is not innocent. But with that said, Jamal TruLove’s story is making me cringe.

Still though, I’d vote for former Vice President Joe Biden before I’d vote for Senator Corey Booker, so again, I get the race-doesn’t-make-a-vote argument. But I’m looking at her overall track record with my decision. Black women seem to be largely behind Senator Elizabeth Warren, and she’s my last choice. (Tulsi Gabbard is my are-you-kidding-me choice.) They also came out in droves to support former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.

I think people are just so excited to see someone other than older, white men on the voting ballots that they’re just hoping other people will support them.

As far as your comments about Democrats, that makes me uncomfortable. I’m a registered Democrat and would not make fun of you for anything you put on the list. That’s not a “Democrat” decision; that’s a lack of home training and diversity issue.

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