I’m not particularly interested in debating the points about “virginity.” That doesn’t bother me. T.I.’s relationship with his daughter’s gynecologist is mind-blowing though. I’m guessing he didn’t try to have this level of control with Tiny’s daughter Zonnique, considering she’d moved in with her boyfriend already. On his own podcast, after he said Tiny’s vagina was “50 percent his” and repeatedly asked her to drink liquor because her argument was too clear, he blew me completely.

That entire discussion on marriage with him talking over his wife and telling her “that’s in the past” about his snarky comments related to women paying alimony was just … it made me look at him differently. I don’t understand how someone becomes the morality police after several stints in jail. I’m not saying he should just let his daughters go nuts, but my gawd, that level of privacy for an 18-year-old is bizarre. I’m wondering why Deyjah’s mom doesn’t just take her instead. I think my own father would rather scratch out his eyeballs than take me to a gyno when I was a teen. And contrary to popular belief, every girl whose father doesn’t act like T.I. doesn’t end up pregnant. I have ZERO children nor a pregnancy scare.

This level of overbearance is going to make that girl act like all the nutty girls I knew in college who lost their absolute mind when they got some freedom.

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