I’m not offended by two of these. The one about “screw around with her” regarding the machine, I, personally wouldn’t have taken as literally as you did. And the one about the woman leaving after getting pregnant just felt like a fact to me. She wanted to be a project manager but chose to leave after getting pregnant. That doesn’t sound like an accusation, more of a statement. But maybe the tone (or it coming from the person who said these other eight comments) made it sound way worse than it did. I had a boss who asked me nonstop to go to lunch with him and would go around asking my entire row of people why I haven’t gone to lunch with them, only a fellow writer — who I regularly worked with and considered a friend.

Asking me once is fine. Maybe twice. But by the third time he should’ve taken the hint. And he would hide things on my desk to “mess with me” because he thought it was “fun.” I finally wrote a long-winded letter to him, telling him to knock it off because I’m not amused. And then there was the time I made the mistake of mentioning my senior prom date was older than me. He went on and on about that for months. Mind you, I was either 36 or 37 at the time (I’m 38 now). WTF are we harping on senior prom?! That was two decades ago. I said it off-handedly just because he was talking about how his son “wasn’t ready for all this” and showing off photographs of his son’s prom date. Why he had photographs of a teenager in his phone was creepy AF.

I left that job and absolutely don’t miss the guy.

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