I’m not into sports at all. But sometimes athletes are fascinating to me. I’ve read Dwyane Wade’s book, Lebron’s book, follow their charities, etc. I have zip zero interest in the Super Bowl ever (even before the blatantly racist reaction to Janet Jackson versus Justin Timberlake — even though the nipple pasty was a stupid idea to begin with). So I can’t really boycott something I’ve never shown any interest of in the first place. And then I became a vegetarian 15 years ago (and a vegan for one year), so then I couldn’t even enjoy freeloading the Super Bowl party food.

I saw this awful commercial while watching “Desus & Mero” Season 2, and thought, “WHY. ARE. YOU. ALL. SO. BAD. AT. THIS?”

This is exactly why I write posts like the cultural appropriation one and the one on why graphic designers need to understand diversity. You need someone on your team who has a clue about the cause you’re speaking about. Talk to someone who it directly relates to, not the #AllLivesMatter-whoa-is-me group.

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