I’m not going to go around calling all white women “Karens” and “Beckys.”

One, it paints too many people with a broad stroke. I want people to know when I’m specifically referring to “BBQ Becky” or “UPS Patty” and so forth.

Two, I absolutely am not supportive of throwing Anne Frank under the bus. She didn’t do anything. Leave that girl alone!

Three, I just don’t see how this is productive. I would rather call the wrongdoer out by name and offense than just believing “everybody does it.” But with that said, I also encountered the millionth white woman last week who told me I looked like her one black friend and another who wanted to talk about violence in Chicago. For those reasons alone — and the constant, annoying conversation I get suckered into with almost every white woman (specifically) who always feels like this is our only way to bond — I hesitantly understand why some folks are unapologetic with generalizing.

With that said, when I see ridiculous nonsense like this, which would get a black woman killed or at least arrested, I fully understand the frustration.

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