I’m deading this conversation. I met Reverend Jeremiah Wright. I’ve seen him preach in person. I have my own opinions on his speeches after listening to transcribed versions in full and in person. I actually enjoy Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III more, and I’m not a Trinitarian. From what I know of the man, I found him to be fascinating, intelligent and controversial. I don’t point fingers and change the subject to what someone ELSE said to make my point. I go to the source itself. Michelle Obama was a longtime member of his church, and it’s not hard to believe that there were things he said she agreed with and things she said that he didn’t. She has every right to speak on what she did and did not agree with. Same goes for Barack Obama. They didn’t visit the church a couple times. They were members.

I’ve already stated my opinion that doesn’t take more than a lazy Google search to read HIS actual words transcribed during HIS actual speeches. In the meantime though, he’s been out of the White House for three years and went on to advance My Brother’s Keeper and other organizations that focus on uplifting the community. You know what it’d be great for you to do? Use all that energy you’re spending criticizing both of them to figure out what you could’ve done in his eight years as a president and three years since he left. Same goes for the scholars who spent more time writing about him than working within their own communities. He’s not Thanos and he was never going to obliterate racism in a DEMOCRATIC White House, that was later Republican-led once the House and Senate were taken over. Everything had a vote. In his last year, he started using executive orders to get things done that he’d tried to do since 2008. This is basic Politics 101.

If you have not personally put in even a fourth of the energy he has in his entire life of social justice and politics, including his work before he was even a senator, step back, look at that and figure out how YOU can do what he didn’t.

I’m done with this! You’re just going to point at another “hit me last” argument from a spoiled person with less success than Obama, and that’ll never work with me. Take care. Be well. We’re done.

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