I’m about to read this entire post, but I have to make this one point from jump. The author was elated to have Lana Condor play in this role. Jenny Han pretty much insisted on an Asian lead, mirroring her 2014 book. I read quite a few of Han’s books. Your “hypocrisy” analogy simply doesn’t work here. Both black and white men are constantly casts as the romantic lead in movies. Women of color are repeatedly pushed to the side. Chris Rock had to fight tooth and nail for his own mother to be a black woman (Tichina Arnold) in “Everybody Hates Chris.” I can’t stop counting the number of movies where the black guy got the starring role, but if a black woman was in the movie at all, she was the sassy sister or mother. And quite frankly, up until “Crazy Rich Asians” (and not a big of Constance Wu) and “Fresh Off the Boat,” I wasn’t seeing female Asian leads at all. If the author, who wrote about a girl who looked like Lana, co-signed her, me too. And the lead boys in her books looked like Noah Centineo.

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