I’ll read the rest of your post shortly, but Denzel Washington has a proven track record — outside of him being the star of “Malcolm X” and working with one of the most vocally active directors of our time, Spike Lee — of discussing race. In the transcribed conversation, he also took issue with her comment about “one of those people.” He’s a black man who does not live outside of his body. Black people who actually enjoy being black don’t fall for the “don’t see color” motto that keeps getting thrown around until the police come. Then everyone takes off those rose-colored shades and can identify you in a lineup easily. As stated, any time you ask a black man about voting — and know America’s history — you’re walking yourself off a cliff if you don’t handle it well.

And while you think your penguin makes you ambiguous, everything you’ve said thus far — including the repeated comments complaining about anti-Trump posts and Medium curation — are so very, very white. You lean either conservative Independent or Republican. In the middle of your complaints, you’re telling on yourself. The “flirting with women” post told on you more than the comments to me. I am going to go out on a limb and assume absolutely no one thinks you’re a black person, not even an English black woman. I’m not even sold on the mixed race, unless you grew up in a Republican household like this guy.

The minute you tried to dismiss race from a black man who loves being black and speaks about it often, you told me your race. White people notoriously try to move away from the topic of race. Minorities don’t. We live in it. We are (more often than not) proud of it. We deal with the ramifications of that every day. Historically speaking, our ancestors have — alive and gone. You speak from privilege, too, just a male one. Don’t fool yourself into believing that race is a nonfactor into this question. You’re sounding more Trumpish the more you respond.

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