If you are indeed a “journalist” as your bio says, there’s no way in the world you haven’t figured out that pouting because your candidate didn’t win is the way to go. I do not remember feeling this entitled to “my way or no way at all” while I was in college during Sept. 11 and the Bush fiasco. I wouldn’t dream of just summarizing it as “I didn’t get exactly what I want so I’m going to lay on the floor and kick my legs like a child.” Unless you’re cool with the way Trump has done things in the past four years, there is absolutely no logical reason to not vote or to avoid voting for Biden.

I am not a Boomer and voted for Biden, but I damn sure would be OK with voting for Sanders if he won the presidency. Personally I wanted Senator Kamala Harris to run. That was who my vote was for. But as an adult who learns that entitlement — especially as an African-American woman — is not something I can just live my life off of, I weigh out what is the best choice for me. I didn’t hear Biden referring to Obama as “my African-American” from 2008 to 2016. I never saw Biden leading a terminated staff member (why Omarosa was hired I’ll never know) out of the White House and faking like he didn’t fire her. I never heard one person from Obama’s term decide that Ebola (the outbreak from 2014 to 2016 that lead to 28,652 cases across 10 countries) would just disappear from heat (Tom Hanks got COVID-19 in Australia).

Bernie Bros will keep reminding you of decisions that Biden made more than 40 years ago. While I have an issue with how that may have affected my parents, there’s also no way to deny what he’s done in the past two decades. When you go for a job interview, if your hiring manager decides to only hire you from jobs you had 40 years ago, you’d have no job. They’re looking at what you’re doing right now, not just what you did decades ago. Look at what Biden has done in the past 10 years and focus on that. Now look at what Trump has done. This is just not debatable.

And Bernie Bros ended up voting for Trump (12 percent) or voted for someone else/or stayed home (10 percent), contributing to the shit-show that is our presidency now. If you choose not to vote, thank you for contributing to four more years of hate crimes, excessive white privilege, no real plan for COVID-19 prevention, more job loss from the CDC, and more women getting run over by cars and black men getting punched in the head at rallies for having an opposing opinion.

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