I'd rather not speak anything into existence, so I will not respond to the other part of your message AT ALL. But as far as Boseman, yeah, that was just ... I was stunned by this news. And judging from the press response from Ryan Coogler, who'd worked on a script for "Black Panther 2" and all the other cast members' responses (who also seemed stunned), Boseman definitely knows how to keep a secret. I thought Michael Ealy was the best that ever did it and possibly Denzel Washington. You never hear any of their business until it's on their terms. Michael Ealy had a wife and kid, and no one even knew the man was married. I didn't think anyone could top him besides Janet Jackson, who we didn't know got married until she got a divorce.

But still, I do ponder on whether Boseman chose not to disclose this news because he didn't want 1) mean ass people to comment on his appearance all the time 2) to not be given the opportunity to take on these crazy active action films he's been doing for four straight years without anyone knowing.

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