I wouldn't say it's a "hate crime." Every time I don't like something or it's racist, that doesn't make it a crime, so I disagree with that. Offensive? Yes. Ignorant? Yes. Hate crime? Not even close and kinda insulting for those who have beaten, raped, hung from trees, starved, thrown over boats, tortured, etc. A stupid shirt or outfit does not hurt anybody's day nor kill anyone.

You said it's "about time" people venture out and create their own fashion line. I'm confused by this statement. Phat Farm. Baby Phat. Apple Bottom. Rocawear. Karl Kani. Kross Kolour. All (once upon a time) black-owned and popular brands. There are even black-owned Spanx. It's just a matter of people buying them. Gucci and Prada have already been boycotted. Consumers just have to put their lack of money where their complaints are.

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