I would never put Ray J in the same group as Nick Cannon or Yung Berg. Snoop just randomly told us (on "The Chronicles") that he went to jail and Ray J was just sitting in the cell too. We already know about Kim Kardashian. Corny men don't have multi-year shows with women fighting over them. Now can corny men get women like Princess in the end? Sure, possibly. Can they get the Lil Kims of the world to be in their videos saying "Hold up. Ain't that Brandy's brother?" Nope.

But now that I'm typing this, I still scratch my head about why in the world Mariah Carey married Nick Cannon or Kim K. dated him or a few others. I've seen him in real life at a club. I just didn't see anything particularly intriguing about him. He just kinda strolled around by himself and looked on. It'd be impossible to not admit he MUST be charming to someone though. Yung Berg? I don't get that one either, but Hazel E is still talking about men are using her for "clout" for being famous when we only know her as the woman who chased that man around on "Love & Hip Hop." And good gawd, she loved him.

The only thing I can say is if women see other women losing their shit over someone that they wouldn't normally go after or even be attracted to, he's not nearly as corny as he appears. Still though, Ray J's humor and genuine good looks would not make me put him in this crew. He's been a cutie since the "Best Friends" video, even though he was goofy as ever on "Moesha."

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