I would have a much easier time talking to Bernie Bros if the activism wasn’t strategic. Killer Mike is always an activist, from the Netflix show “Trigger Warning,” the “40 Acres” song that is about as in-your-face as it can get, and his Buy Black campaign with black banks. I can find activists in the Clinton campaign and the Obama campaign and even the Biden camp outside of elections. The Bernie Bros seem to be a very specific group who DGAF about people of color until we have to fill in ballot circles, and it’s becoming more apparent every single time I log into Twitter. (Or, I do not catch the eye of the more desirable activists — although interestingly, Killer Mike follows me on Twitter. Celebs following me still surprise me every time they do it.)

As far as Jesse Jackson, I honestly just was going to be church mouse quiet instead of airing out my questions about him regarding the “cut his nuts off” line. But him randomly just grabbing my arm annoyed me in a different way. Keep your hands to yourself! And who grabs a person’s arm but looks ahead like he doesn’t know what his hand is doing?! At least it was just my arm — but still, that’s weird as hell. I have been looking at him funny since nutgate and even more disgusted by ’09 with “armgate.”

Anytime I see Jesse Jackson, Tavis Smiley or Cornel West jump on anybody’s bandwagon, I want to get off at the next stop. The latter two spent eight years on that Poor People’s Campaign and whining about White House visits. They had valid points on poverty and that is all, but the rest of this trio just sound entitled. Sanders’ supporters are making me look at him funny instead of the other way around. I still like The Squad and will (probably) always like Killer Mike though.

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