I work as a dog walker and sitter, and never feel entitled to a tip. If I get it, I am happy. If not, life goes on. The difference for me is I get a flat rate regardless, per dog, per amount of time. So I am not living off of it, to be fair.

Still though, I do not understand this entitled view on how much to tip and for what. I tip 15% or 20% every time, minus a handful of times with bad service. But I do it because I want to compliment good service, not to appease complaining wait staff who feel like they are doing me a great big honor for coming to a job they voluntarily applied for.

And I am saying that as someone not packing food. I am packing up s**t, which I would argue is a wee bit more challenging than standing in a kitchen. But I adore dogs, so every single time I am doing that job, I give it my all. If I get a tip, great. If I get a cheap tip, still cool. But I walk a few dogs from owners who rarely if ever tip. The difference is I like the dogs so much that I do not care. I think you REALLY have to be a people person to enjoy waitressing. Some people (read: me) should never do a job like that. I think your time would be better suited looking for a job in which you can make more and less on griping about people who tip the “paltry” amount. From this post alone, my guess is there’s a reason people don’t tip you well.

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