I went to Flirty Girl Fitness (Chicago) to cover a news/health story for the Chicago Defender. I honestly thought pole dancing was going to be something funny and raunchy to do. I got in that class (I took it with two different sistas who were teaching it), and it was one of the absolute hardest classes I’ve ever taken. And I’ve taken almost every form of solo dancing class you can think of, from Zumba to WERQ and even “Yoga Booty Ballet.” Your arms and legs have to be so toned, and the balance that comes with it, is undefeated. I wrote that post years ago and will occasionally tell someone, “I am not afraid of anybody. But there is one group of people I will NEVER ever step to: strippers. I don’t care what went wrong. We’re going to have to hug it out because they are too strong for me.”

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