I went through many because I was going back and forth to three different states, so I have more frustrating stories than positive ones. It wasn't until the "leg sleeping" one that I saw someone who was jarringly unapologetic about it though. But that pancreatic cancer story really takes the cake. I had an Asian doctor who tried to convince me I had all the worst side effects of ovarian cancer only to find out I had nothing at all. She justified it as "letting me know the risks" but literally doing this BEFORE testing as though she could see into my future. I printed out a CDC article and told her to read it. She responded that that was "interesting" and she must've "missed that one."

I also had a black doctor (my mother's gyno) who I thought was trying to claw my entire nether regions out for a PAP. These are but two examples of it not always being the white guys. In this case, I just think there are doctors who treat you like science experiments and other ones who remember you're a person. And being completely honest, the black gyno and that Asian specialist were worse than the white doctor who blamed my leg sleeping on being black.

When I interview people who go to therapy (and the therapists themselves), I always hear about them wanting a therapist who is of a similar race. But I've interviewed at least two therapists who I strongly recommend quitting the entire practice and dedicating a solid year to GOING TO THERAPY. They were quite possibly the most unlikeable people I've ever encountered from a journalist's end (among a boat-load of lovely ones). The health care industry has more characters than "Grey's Anatomy."

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