I watched “Bewitched” as a kid (born in ‘81), but my mother watched it way more than me. The Gladys reference went over my head, but she’s number two on this list so I’ll take your word for it. I just keep thinking of Janine from “Black-Ish,” who is forever bringing up NextDoor and ready to call 911. More importantly, NextDoor reminds me of my real-life next door neighbor as a kid, who would scream all the time for kids to get away from “in front” of his house — on a public sidewalk — even though we were neither leaning nor messing with his gate. He wouldn’t even let his own grandson play in front of the house. We knew he was in the window again because the blinds would start shifting, and before you knew it, the doorknob was turning again. I think the pettiest thing he did was to mow his entire lawn and then about six inches of grass (from my parent’s extended lawn — the one that is on the opposite of your front yard where cars park) because it was in front of his house.

It was the most ridiculous thing to see when only six inches of our grass would be cut. I guess it put a fire under my father’s belly to cut the rest but still petty as hell. Why not just only cut your own grass?

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