I watched an episode of “The Daily Show” and remember a black guy in the discussion session referring to her as the “po-po” (or maybe “police”). I don’t think anyone expects loyalty from Sen. Amy Klobuchar, but black folks damn sure had an issue with her being a prosecutor and locking up black people. I read her book to hear her side on this, plus D.L. Hughley had an issue with her truancy stance. I was already heavily in her corner, and the book only made me more in her corner because she touched on several topics that were left out. I really do wish she would’ve just had that one speech that spoke to those who have an issue with prosecutors overall. As nice as it may sound to some people’s ears, not everyone she sent to prison was innocent. And some of those fools, specifically the child molesters, deserved to be there.

There is this overall generalization that “we shouldn’t lock up black men” without paying attention to each case. Yeah, maybe that one does need to be separated from the scene. Maybe this one can do community service. Maybe this one absolutely does need to do the max. But this one right here may learn from participating in this ______ program. But just this “don’t lock anybody up” part troubles me. Because if there is a heinous crime (I’m not referring to marijuana-related charges) in my area and a prosecuting attorney can get this person from not committing crimes, I have no issue with her doing her job.

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