I wasn’t sure if you read it before, but you just answered my question. It “reads” differently to the person who wrote it, too. Through the eyes of someone much older and wiser, I kept wondering, “Why did I keep dealing with this same guy? Right now, he wouldn’t last 60 seconds.” But then after making that comment a second and a third time through my journals, it gave me the cold-hearted reality that people will treat you only how you allow them to treat you.

I learned the lesson a little longer than I think I should have, but the fact is I learned it. The problem with memories is too many times people remember the good parts of a relationship and forget all about what lead to the arguments and breakups. Difference is that journal writers usually write theirs down, but they may not often revisit to read those entries again. It’s more of an outlet. I read all those journals and went, “Man, this is awful. At some point, I have to blame me too!”

Thanks for reading (again) after the White Castle post!

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