I wasn’t quite sure if I was on your side until I got to this. Initially I was thinking from a marketing perspective that if I get duplicate emails, I might unsubscribe altogether and then you just lost me as a subscriber. But in this case, what’s the point of telling someone you’re here to help if you’re just going to dismiss them when they ask for help?

But (admittedly) just as you said you wonder if sexism played a role in the higher-ups saying they “hear you,” I’d be interested to hear her side of this one. Too often when I hear stories of black women ODing on power (or appearing that way) there are some holes in the story. (I just realized you said she’s not black, but I tend to see black women get this accusation more than others so I can only speak on what I know.) Still though, I wouldn’t email someone who I’ve already offered help to and then ask them why are they asking me for help. That’s counterproductive.

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