I was just going to read this post and go about my day, but the comment section is blowing my mind.

I’m disappointed by black folks — who should definitely understand what kind of sting it is to be profiled — telling you to just get over it because of what may happen with Chinese people in Africa or black folks in America. You definitely have a right to mind your gatdamn business and take a jog without somebody saying something stupid to you along the run.

Although I’m not quite sure what you expected your boyfriend to do an hour after the run, or why even bother telling him when you didn’t know where the guy was, I get that you needed to vent. But the police cannot really do much with a verbal assault. If that were the case, I’d be calling the police every single day on Twitter.

Still though, what this guy said was foul and completely unnecessary. I was embarrassed as hell when a guy walked up to a Japanese friend of mine and yelled “Ching! Ching! Chong!” But this was way worse. She shrugged it off. I stared death through him and apologized immediately to her, letting her know my whole neighborhood wasn’t this fucking dumb. (She was an international student from Japan who came to visit me in Chicago.)

Either way, I hope you never experience that again.

P.S. I’m also annoyed by the other end of the “all lives matter” spectrum that wants you to alienate yourself from being Asian and just be looked at as “human.” This is the same group who wants people to overlook racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc. and just act like the behavior is not a trained practice that has extended from grandparent to parent to that person. You should be very proud to be the Asian woman that you are. The problem is not that. It’s other folks who want you to be ashamed of it.

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